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Our Coverage Area Includes:
Anoka, Benton, Chisago, Hennepin (north of 694), Isanti, Kanabec, Mille Lacs, Sherburne, and Wright counties.

An E/One Sewer System consist of a grinder pump that grinds up wastewater and pumps it to a treatment field (commonly known as Community Septic) or Sewer Main.

When you are having trouble with your septic pump call on us, your local professional to help. We will walk you through the questions and steps to determine which type of service you need. Our professional technicians are ready to help, offering fast and efficient service.

Key things to know before calling in:

1. If you live in Albertville, St Michael, Hanover, or Frankfort Twp:

   You are most likely serviced by the Joint Powers Water Board (Veolia)
   Your Contacts are: 
        Albertville                  763-497-3384                                    
        St Michael                  763-497-3611
        Emergency #              612-880-1162

2. Check the breakers to verify that none have tripped.

3. What type of Pump do you have (indoor vs outdoor)?

4. Take a picture of the pump with serial #.

5. When was your pump installed?

6. When was your home built?

These pumps can be costly. Full replacements, including labor and materials, could be more than $4,000.

Taking care of your grinder pump can help keep your system in good condition and last longer. The following are examples of what not to put in your system.
(This is not an exhaustive list)

-      Strong Chemicals
-      Grease and Fats
-      Feminine Products
-      Diaper
-      Plastics

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