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We install silt fencing, a temporary erosion and sediment control device used on construction sites to protect against large amounts of material being washed into streets, roadways, neighboring lots, or nearby water sources. A typical fence consists of a piece of synthetic filter fabric (also called a geotextile) stretched between a series of wooden or metal stakes. The stakes are installed on the downhill side of the fence, and the bottom edge of the fabric is trenched in the soil 4 – 6″ to prevent running under the fence; and the fence is backfilled on the uphill side. The fence is installed on a site before soil disturbance (earth moving) begins, down-slope from the disturbance area.

We install the silt fence adding lath between the stakes so that if it needs to be driven over you can break down the fence and put is back up with minimal inconvenience.

Woodchip socks are an alternative to silt fencing. This is used when you are working in an area where large equipment can’t get to, to install the silt fence. An example would be if you are working in rock areas, or in the water. These socks are comparable in price to silt fencing. They are laid on the ground and staked in place.

Installing retaining walls can provide effective erosion and sediment control, plus it adds visual appeal and value to your property. There are many types of materials available, and we can help you choose one to fit your landscape and budget. Boulder walls are popular for their durability. (The rocks themselves have a lifetime warranty.) We can also install keystone and big block walls. Keystone walls are a classic look in landscaping. Big Block walls are great for commercial properties. When they are backfilled you can drive right up to the edge. The blocks are a poured concrete.

Ground cover is an excellent erosion and sediment control method. Depending on your soil type, we can apply seed directly or we can haul in rich, black dirt first. Sod is obviously the fastest way to get to your ideal end result. Seeding is more economical, and for soils most prone to erosion (sand) we will lay down seed blankets that keep the soil in place so the seeds have ground to root in. Other options are regular broadcast seeding or Hydro-seeding. Gaining in popularity, Hydro-seeding usually produces a nice lawn within one season, sometimes it even surprises you and comes in within a month or two!

The key to successful seeding is proper watering. Adequate water and proper maintenance by you will ensure that your lawn is a huge success. If your lawn is not watered and maintained by you after we complete the job, you risk washout and inadequate grass growth.

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