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Let us fix those awkward looking mounds in the yard, and those cliffs by the walkout too. What do you want it to look like? For landscape grading, we use various types of equipment to give your property the appeal you want. Steinbrecher Companies, Inc. prides itself on customer satisfaction for every job we do.

We perform landscape grading in two phases: rough grade and final grade.

The “rough grade” is the stage which includes us backfilling the foundation walls and shaping the lot. We are experienced in contouring your yard to your desire while achieving proper drainage. Proper drainage is essential because you don’t want water running back toward your house or flowing over the septic area. Improper grading of your yard can create many problems down the road. Problems may include (but are not limited to) basement flooding and overloading of your septic – causing it to fail.


The “final grade” includes smoothing and leveling topsoil; preparing for sod or seeding, liners, rocks, or other landscaping. The final grade is completed after the driveway and sidewalks have been installed. This is also when we touch up any areas that have settled. We make sure that the yard has kept proper drainage and still has the appeal. If rocks, wood chips or other decorative material are planned, the base (rough grade) must be raised to final grade before placing the decorative material down.

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