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February 2013 Newsletter
Steinbrecher Companies, Inc
February 2013  


Dear Kari,

Yes! Steinbrecher Companies can dig in the winter! We can thaw out the ground with heat blankets and do crucial septic repairs if your system is freezing up or having problems. Of course, we are also able to preform Septic Compliances all throughout the winter if you are purchasing or selling a home. Just give us a call at 763-274-0925.


If this freezing weather causes you anguish by setting that buzzing/beeping alarm off, or backing up into the house, just come on back to this email and click here for tips on troubleshooting your septic system.


So what can Steinbrecher Companies do to fix it now?    


First, we can send a tiny camera down your pipes to find out exactly where the problem is. We also have a jetter (like a pressure washer for pipes) that goes and eliminates blockages, including ice.  If it is a bigger problem, we have thawing blankets and ground heaters to allow us to thaw frozen ground to repair your septic system and/or pipes. We also offer FREE ESTIMATES!  

Call us today at 763-274-0925 
Kari Steinbrecher
Steinbrecher Companies, Inc
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Call before 2/28/2013 and get $50 off a septic freeze repair.    

Offer Expires: 2/28/2013

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