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Help Prevent Your Project From Freezing!

Apply our Insulated Blankets. (No Heat)
These blankets can be used to help prevent freezing for the following jobs types:

  • Covering Concrete Footings
  • Covering Concrete Floors and Foundations
  • Covering Concrete Walls
They will protect your concrete from the harmful Minnesota winter elements; AND allow the concrete to cure properly. Blankets are available for RENT in 6ft wide x 25ft long sections
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  • Labor to setup and take down.
  • Blanket daily/weekly rental
These blankets can also be used with our...

Ground Heating and Thawing System.
This system melts snow and ice.

           It can thaw frozen ground or frozen pipes below the ground.

                        It can heat sidewalks and trouble areas around entry ways.

The insulated blankets spread heat below the surface, while providing the top cover barrier to hold in the warmth. We can thaw up to 2500 sq. ft.
This system has been used on the following type projects
  •     Remove Ice Damns.
  •     Pull frost to Dig and Backfill Basements/New Additions
  •     Thaw Frozen Septic Drain Fields
  •     Thaw Frozen Water Line Pipes
With this system you can work YEAR ROUND! There is no more “waiting till spring” to start your construction projects.

Don’t wait, start your project NOW!

Call today for a FREE estimate; to include:
  • Labor to Setup and Take Down
  • Ground Heating Generator
  • Main Coils System Installation
  • (Auxiliary Coil Available to reach 2500 sq. ft. max area)
  • Insulated Cover Blankets Installation
  • Fuel for Generator
  • Travel Time and Service Time to Add Fuel and/or Reset Blankets; if needed.

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