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January 2013 Newsletter
Steinbrecher Companies, Inc
January 2013  


Warm wishes for a happy and healthy 2013! 

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Dear Kari,

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Buying or selling a home?  Counties usually require compliance inspections if you request building permits or transfer property. Mortgage companiesrequire this prior to lending money. Since 1996, Minnesota has had a state septic code  in place to protect our  ground and surface waters from contamination from inadequate and malfunctioning septic systems. These codes are implemented by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) as well as local units of government such as counties, townships and municipalities.


So, what is a septic compliance inspection?


A septic compliance is a report on how a septic system is functioning. When conducting these inspections, Steinbrecher Companies thoroughly researches the existing septic system. We examine the tank(s) for cracks and/or leaks, make sure all baffles are in place, and we do a soil boring next to the treatment area to verify elevation of the limiting layer.  All tanks need to be water tight and need to meet current MPCA codes to pass a septic compliance.  We can do this anytime of the year. We have multiple ways of thawing the ground, including heat blankets. An example is pictured below, before and after it is used.


  Heat Blanket Set Up  Heat Blanket - thawed



If a compliance fails, we can turn the compliance into a new design. This new design is specifically designed based on current and possible future water needs. Steinbrecher Companies can do this for a minimal extra charge because we are already on site. This not only saves some money, but it also saves time, as you don't have to track down another company and schedule them out to start the entire process again.

Upon completion of our site evaluation, you will receive a copy of the septic compliance that states whether it passed or failed. The compliance also lets you know what condition of the septic is in, and the functionability of it. Feel free to ask questions or get a free estimate by calling us at 763-274-0925.

Have a bad septic? Steinbrecher Companies has the capability of thawing up to 2000 square feet of ground, and installing a new system in the winter. There are extra costs to this, but sometimes this is the only way to complete a closing on a property.


Kari Steinbrecher
Steinbrecher Companies, Inc
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