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Are your drains and toilets slowing down or backing up?

Is your septic alarm buzzing or chirping?

Have you noticed your house smells like a septic

Your pipes may have frozen solid!

frozen pipe

Freezing cold temperatures can cause some of these problems. Steinbrecher Companies can help you with your frozen septic problems. We have a jetter to eliminate blockages in the pipes. The jetter sprays extremely hot water through a small hose that snakes through the pipe. This removes the ice and blockage. For larger problems we can remove the frost with our ground heating blankets.




Regular Business Hours:        7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

After Hours:                              5 p.m. to 7a.m. or Weekends


Winter Service Call Fees:

This is usually to determine the problem you are having with your septic. This does not include any jetting.

                        During Regular Business Hours:

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                       After Business Hours:

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Jetting Services:

Jetting services include diagnosis of problem, setup, jetting and cleanup. We service the following cities…

Big Lake - Elk River - Nowthen - Orrock - Princeton - Ramsey - Zimmerman

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During regular business hours.

(Please call for after-hours service pricing)


Albertville - Corcoran - Dayton - Hanover - Isanti - Monticello - Otsego -Rogers - St. Michael

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During regular business hours. 

(Please call for after-hours service pricing)


  • If you don’t see your city on this list please call us and we can check to see if we service your area
  • Prices may vary with locations out of our normal service areas


 Ground Heating Blankets:


This may be required to thaw the ground in order to reach the pipes. This includes the setup and take down of blankets. This does not include any jetting services


                              Call for Pricing - Setup and take down of blankets


We Also Jet Frozen Water Lines.

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For After Hours Emergencies choose option 5 on the voice mail, you will be transferred to the Service Tech on Call


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