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AdvanTex Septic System                                                                 6/20/2016


Location: MN Landscape Arboretum BEE CENTER
Project: AdvanTex Septic System Start Up

We just finished the new start up of one of our AdvanTex product septic systems today. We are excited to have this system at the MN Landscape Arboretum's NEW BEE CENTER! This New Pollination center is scheduled to open to the public in the summer of 2016.

"At this exciting new destination, visitors will be encouraged to engage in innovative hands-on experiences that will help them to better understand how they can do something to help bees and other native pollinators in their own backyards and communities. The Arboretum is working to develop exhibits and provide information that is grounded in the latest research."

Shoreline Restoration

We work with the DNR, the ARMY Core of Engineers, and the local unit of government (whoever necessary) to get the right permits and stay within their requirements.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be built and designed with a wide variety of material and be many different sizes.


01/09/2015 TODAY'S PROJECT

Project: Dellwood

It is Sub-Zero Temperatures Outside but we are Working.
We started last month with the demolition of the structure. Today we are installing hot sand in the new basement.


Septic Trouble

Steinbrecher Companies, Inc. can do compliances, designs, installations, repairs and maintenance of any kind. We also can perform necessary water tests.

Winter Septic Compliance

We set up ground heater blankets to remove the frost from the sample area. This allows us to take an accurate soil sample, EVEN during the winter.

Water Drinkers

We can install IOWA Frost Free Hydrants, Richie Waterers, and Nelson Drinkers for your barn or pasture.

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