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A septic compliance is a report on how the septic system is functioning. It is needed when you are selling or buying a home. It is also required sometimes by the local unit of government before you can get a permit to remodel and upgrade your current home.

We thoroughly research the existing septic system through the local unit of government. When it is available, we have the existing septic systems design, as-built, and any other information on file sent to us. This helps us properly locate the septic system when we are on site.

We check soil maps for the area around the septic system so we can know what soils we should expect to see. We thoroughly examine the tank(s) for cracks, leaks, we make sure all baffles are in place, and we do a soil boring in the treatment area. It is always a good idea to have the tank(s) pumped when we are on site inspecting them. All tanks need to be water tight and need to meet current MPCA codes to pass a septic compliance. Upon completion of our site observation you will receive a copy of the septic compliance that’s states weather it passed or failed. The compliance also lets you know what condition your septic is in and the function ability of it.

If your compliance fails we will turn the compliance into a new design. This new design is specifically designed based on your current and future, foreseen, water needs. It is also based on the site and the soil conditions. We can do this for a minimal extra charge because we are already on site.

We Can Do Septic Compliances in the Winter

Here’s how… An important part of a septic compliance is the soil boring. This is the sample that we take from the ground to tell us what types of soils your septic is surrounded by. Soil borings can also tell us if you system is overloaded. Most companies will not do septic compliances in the winter, because they can not take the soil borings. WE CAN!!! As you see below, we set up ground heater blankets to remove the frost from the sample area.This allows us to take an accurate soil sample, EVEN during the winter. Doing septic compliances in the winter… it doesn’t need to be a hassle.

As you can see here this is raw ground before the heater blankets are set up. You can see the ground heater blanket in action. It is removing the frost from the ground so that we can take our sample.


 Ground heating pad


Compliance Pricing by County

Anoka, Sherburne, Wright               Water Testing  
Septic Compliance $300.00   (Prices reflect tests being taken at time of Septic
Preliminary Site Evaluation $300.00   Compliance and home is already De-Winterized.) 
            * Coliform Bacteria and Nitrates $80.00
Benton, Hennepin, Isanti, Mille Lacs           * Lead Test $80.00
Septic Compliance $350.00         
Preliminary Site Evaluation $350.00      
       Winter Charges on Compliances:  
**Chisago, Kanabec, Stearns     (This is an additional cost to the above prices)  
Septic Compliance $400.00          * Price not to exceed $350.00
Preliminary Site Evaluation $400.00    Price depends on depth of frost, snow and if 
      ground requires heating to thaw for soil borings. 
Septic Compliance $450.00   Winterize and De-Winterize Home  
Preliminary Site Evaluation $450.00   This will be handled through Dusty's Drain Cleaning
      (a licensed plumber) and you will be billed directly from them. 
            * Minimum Charge $250.00

  •  Compliance prices do not include County Permit fees. (Ex. Sterns and Chisago)
  • These highlighted counties require tanks to be pumped at time of inspections: This is an additional cost to the above listed prices.

Chisago, Isanti, Kanabec, Stearns, and Wright.

Note: Please call for pricing for any County not listed.

**Chisago County requirements and fees vary by municipality. Extra fees may apply. Please call for fee schedule.



Septic Pumping –See Septic Pumping page
* Price varies by city

(Cost may increase dependent on city, tank locations onsite, tank size, exposed/buried manhole cover, etc.)


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