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Are you having septic problems, but you’re not sure what the problem is or what to do about it?

We can help you identify your septic problems and determine the solution.

If you would like to diagnose the issue yourself, click on the following problem for detailed instructions. Then follow the flow chart to determine how to resolve the issue. These procedures can save you time and money.

If you have any questions or need further information please DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL US!

Warning: All septic systems are installed differently. You need to take extreme caution when working near or with electricity. Please call Steinbrecher Companies if you have any questions or if you are uncomfortable performing any of the septic maintenance tasks mentioned in the charts.


  • Problem: Alarm is going off (Download File PDF)
  • Problem: Water backup in the house. Alarm is NOT going off OR NO Alarm Present (Download File PDF)
  • Problem: Root Intrusion in the drain field

You see your favorite tree or shrub in your yard. What you don’t see is the roots in the ground working their way into the pipe and causing your septic system to fail.

The roots plug up the drain field and do not allow the waste water to properly drain.

It can be very costly to repair septic system drain fields. Make sure that you do not plant anything more than grass on or around you system.

If you are experiencing any of the following septic problems, Call Steinbrecher Companies immediately!


  • Ponding over the drain field area.
  • Bad smells in the house near drains.
  • Snow melting on top of the tanks when temp is below freezing.

Helpful Hints:
The following things should be monitored year round by the homeowner. By following these suggestions it will help you to maintain the performance of your septic system.


  • Check the Test button on your alarm.
  • Pump complete septic system every 2 years (through manhole covers).
  • Inspect inspection pipes to verify they are not broken, cracked or plugged with debris.
  • Inspect manhole covers to determine if they are below grade and verify whether dirt, water or soils are leaking into the tank. (Call Steinbrecher Companies. We can bring the manhole covers to grade and install synthetic green covers. This will make your system easier to maintain.)

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