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Septic systems are easy to forget about down deep in the ground, however ignoring warning signs can lead to expensive septic repair.

Regular septic maintenance can keep your septic system in good working order. You always want your tanks to be water tight and the treatment area to be open and free of any blockage.

When problems do occur, you want to identify them quickly and contact us for septic repair.

These are some of the warning signs you don’t want to ignore.

  • Water backup in the house
  • Your alarm buzzing/beeping
  • Saturated wet spots in the lawn or standing water in the treatment area
  • Bad septic smell


Natural factors such as age, ground movement (settling) and years of deep frost can lead to cracking of the tanks and outdated pipes. Tree and plant root intrusions can lead to problems, like blocked treatment areas.

Then there are always the unfortunate accidents such as lines and tanks cracking or crushing due to excessive weight. Example: driving over the septic area with a vehicle or heavy equipment.

Whatever the situation, give us a call. We can access the damage and provide septic repair. There are no jobs too small.

Some other reasons a septic can fail are:

  • Mismanagement of maintenance.
  • Too many chemicals dumped into the septic. A septic system requires good bacteria to function properly.
  • Foreign solids flushed down toilets (e.g. feminine products).
  • Excessive washing of clothes without lint traps.
  • Over irrigation of septic treatment area. (Irrigating the area to grow grass is okay. However you want the water to be able to drain and not stay over saturated. Irrigation should be installed a minimum of 10′ away from the treatment area.)
  • Improper landscaping (e.g. make sure that when you cut grade or install landscaping you are keeping the water flow from running over the septic system).


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