Septic Pre-Treatment  Type IV
(Advanced Septic System)


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Steinbrecher Companies offers septic pre-treatment systems to ensure that wastewater is properly processed. We install and maintain the AdvanTex septic systems,. This is an advanced septic pre-treatment system that uses engineered textile media filters to clean the wastewater in the septic tank. The textile media helps create good bacteria and cleans the wastewater to meet regulator requirements. By using this advanced technology we are able to reduce the footprint of your drain field, while maintaining water quality, thus making this a great alternative to a mound system. The filter is housed in a water tight basin that can be easily accessed and maintained by a trained personnel. 

Steinbrecher Companies is licensed, bonded, and insured for 
Residential, Commercial and Municipal Systems,
to Inspect, Design, Install and Direct Sale this product.
We are also a licensed Service Provider, so we can perform all service and annual maintenance.

Most septic pre-treatment systems are required to have an annual service and include an alarm. Once the alarm sounds, you have approximately 24 hours to obtain maintenance services because the system has a built in waste water storage. Therefore, regardless of when the alarm sounds, it is likely an operator can provide service to the system during working hours.

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